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Trick-Or-Treat Safety

October 01, 2013

Halloween Dog Costume

On Trick-or-Treat nights around Iowa, increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic paired with weather changes and the distractions of costumes and candy can lead to more accidents. State health departments report that pedestrian-vehicle accidents are four times more likely to occur during Trick-or-Treat nights.  For the most part, general liability homeowners insurance will provide defense coverage for bodily injury or property damage for your negligence.  But, how can we stay safe on the streets? Here are a few simple precautions to stay safe.



Use flameless candles and keep decorations away from lights that may get hot.


Keep your property well-lit.

Move obstacles

These could be ordinary tripping hazards like a garden hose or tree roots. If you have a chip in the pavement, consider placing a pumpkin or hay bail on top of that area to redirect traffic. Clear your sidewalks of snow or leaves.

Secure your pets

Your pouch may be cuddly with you, but you never know what demeanor could trip their trigger. Keep pets away from people for the protection of the animal and visitors.According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), more than one-third of all liability claims paid in 2012 by homeowners insurance companies were the result of dog bites, totaling $479 million.  Check with your agent to make sure your dog is covered under your homeowner’s policy.

Costume Choice

Think warm, trip-reducing, and light-weight with minimal accessories.

Inspect your candy to make sure it is individually wrapped

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Trick-or-Treat night can give citizens a wild hair.  The good news: Vandalism to your car is covered by your comprehensive auto insurance.

“I would say most people have a $250 or $500 deductible for comprehensive on the auto policy.  As to whether a client files a claim is totally up to them and each person is different.  I think insurance is to be used for the ‘catastrophic’ times when it will put us in a financial hardship and not just because we have it,” says Jayson Jones of Jones Insurance and Associates.

People may consider filing a claim worthwhile if they receive estimates for damage repair that are more costly than they would want to pay out of pocket.

Author: Jones Insurance and Associates
October 01, 2013

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