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Winterizing Your Vehicle

November 04, 2014

Do you have a car that isn’t a daily driver? Do you store your vehicle? By storing your vehicle for the winter, you can save normal wear and tear, plus reduce exposure to winter elements such as salts, slush and cold.

Even in storage, every state requires that registered cars maintain auto insurance. There are many options.

  • Comprehensive coverage provides coverage for your vehicle while you are storing it against damage caused while it is being stored. Hazards could include fire, falling trees, vandalism, theft, hail, flood, or other natural disasters. It does not protect your parked vehicle against damage from a hit and run accident.
  • Reduced mile coverage is a reduction of your current insurance based on a new mileage calculation, ultimately saving a few hundred dollars.
  • Collision coverage protects you from losses resulting from damage to your vehicle due to a collision with another object.
  • Property damage pays for the at-fault driver’s insurance policy, if you know who hit your vehicle.

While there are numerous levels of coverage available, the best way to fully protect your vehicle is to maintain comprehensive and collision coverage on all vehicles. Please call Jones Insurance & Associates to explore your options.


How can we protect our daily drivers? One minor adjustment to your current vehicle could increase your safety this winter. New tires will have more grip due to longer tread. But also consider different types of tires. Winter tires are available for all vehicles—compacts, sedans, SUVs, etc. Winter tires aren’t just superior in the snow: They are designed to grip cold pavement whether it is dry, slushy, snow or ice-covered.

Considering Vehicle Options
Want four-wheel drive without the cost and size of an SUV? Four-wheel drive vehicles aren’t just big trucks and Jeeps. There are dozens of sedan options that are all wheel drive—Subarus, Audis, Chrysler 300, BMWs, Mercedes, Infiniti Q50 and Volvo S60, to name a few. If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, get a free quote started online at

Author: Jones Insurance and Associates
November 04, 2014

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